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Rank Insignia of the Latin American Armies

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Rank Insignia of the Latin American Armies

Unread postby boricua » Fri Jan 26, 2007 3:30 am

I would like to know the history of the rank insignia of the different armies of Latin America, and how it happened that each army came to have insignia very different from every other army of the continent.

Unread postby orke » Fri Jan 26, 2007 9:31 pm

Hi boricua, orke here

I would like to try this to explain.The Latin American states are still recent nations.Their armies therefore also.All these states, except Brazil, were under Spanish rule.Brazil was Portuguese viceroy realm.To for instance in the middle of the nineteenth century Brazil had therefore badges after their samples.Afterwards France was the model.Later own elements became generally accepted.These were mixed with US-American elements.During the uniform development there were models in Spain, France, the
USA and Germany.The States of Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Peru and
Ecuador were released and based by Simon Bolivar and San Martin from Spain.
These armies had Spanish and French appearance at the beginning.In addition, again own elements found use.Simon Bolivar issued the first order for common badges of rank
to 1814.
After the independence from Spain and after division of the great powers (Grand Columbia, Rio Plata) new badges were created.
Here dominated again Spain, France, England and Germany.Also today one still sees German elements with Chile and Venezuela.Spanish and US-American in Argentina.Also British and French in the other states.The symbols became with the time national ones.Their sequence and meaning decrease/go back however to other countries.These states made thus nothing different one, like Europe hundreds of years before it.

The time would not be sufficient around everything to is only a rough statement to this topic.If you look at yourself the Latin American badges exactly, you will
determine some thing in common with other countries.
On special questions to this topic, other members give you gladly
answers. smilies-05



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