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Hypothetical USAF Enlisted Pilots Rank Insignia

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Hypothetical USAF Enlisted Pilots Rank Insignia

Unread postby Chuck Anderson » Tue May 08, 2007 6:07 pm

Hi Everyone!

Presented here are my illustrations of hypothetical rank insignia for the equally hypothetical USAF enlisted pilots.

Each insignia is set upon a rectangular shaped patch, with a USAF Pilots Wings emblem directly above the chevrons. (All Enlisted Pilots also wear their pilots wings in the traditional position, on the front of their shirt, jacket, etc.)

As you can see, each of the rank insignia (from E-1 to E-9) has the traditional USAF star emblem.
The only other USAF enlisted ranks of my design to have the traditional USAF star emblem as a part of their rank insignia are First Sergeants, (E-4 through E-9.)
All other USAF enlisted rank insignia use only the various specialty insignia as part of their insignia, in lieu of the star.

And of course, all enlisted rank insignia is placed (wherever possible), in the traditional position of mid-sleeve, between the shoulder and the elbow.

I've made all enlisted ranks (E-1 through E-9) eligible to be enlisted pilots, just to cover any contingency based upon age, experience, etc., at every position from entry-level to highly experienced.

Only enlisted USAF pilots wear their special rank insignia bearing the pilot's wings and star.
All other enlisted flight personnel wear the standard USAF rank insignia with their particular specialty insignia (in lieu of the of the star), and without any wing insignia placed above their chevrons.
To show their flight status, they wear standard aircrew (or other) wings in the traditional place on the front of the shirt, jacket, etc.

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Unread postby Kedyw » Wed May 09, 2007 3:01 pm

Very cool.

You think of one for paratroopers yet?
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