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Alternate History Rank Insignia

Dealing primarily with contemporary and historical Earth nations. (Science-fiction oriented rank systems, such as Star Trek, Starship Troopers, etc.), should be placed in FICTIVE Rank Insignia.

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Alternate History Rank Insignia

Unread postby general_tiu » Sun Aug 22, 2010 8:46 am

I have been going to Alternate History forums, and wondering what would rank insignias from Alternate or hypothetical future would come out.

I already made a Draka rank insignia from S.M. Stirling's novels. Problem is that there are other things that go with my head.

For example,

Rank insignia from the Netherlands from this Alternate History timeline...

Plus Sweden that won the Battle of Poltava and swallowed up Russia, only to create a half-Swedish, half-Russian empire.

Also an Egypt that that was never a British puppet/protectorate thanks to saner policies of Mohammad Ali Pasha.

Anyone getting ideas?
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Unread postby Luke » Sun Aug 22, 2010 7:33 pm

I don't think the alternate half-Swedish Russian empire would have been much different than the real one. After all Peter's reforms were mostly based on Swedish models.

There might have been some differences, though, in the field of uniformology and hierarchology. Like blue instead of green infantry uniforms, and a Table of Ranks with 40, not 14, classes.

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