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Another Request - Hard to Find Ribbon Mounting Kit

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Another Request - Hard to Find Ribbon Mounting Kit

Unread postby el taco grande » Thu Mar 05, 2009 8:53 pm

ok, guys, i have another request. i have been looking for ribbon bar kits that you can use to mount four ribbons across. i have found them, but i've only found them 5 rows high. i was wondering if anybody had a line on where i could find them that go higher than 5 rows. i know they exist because in the photo below you can clearly see this mount was cut down to size from a 4 across, 6 row kit:


if anybody out there has a line on these type of ribbon kits, please let me know. i'm sorry if i'm asking too much stuff around here, but i'd really like to know if any of these are available...

el taco grande
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Unread postby Artis » Fri Mar 06, 2009 4:21 pm

Check it out:
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