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Hi, need some input on Sea Navy!

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Hi, need some input on Sea Navy!

Unread postby lordziba » Sat Sep 22, 2007 9:57 pm

Hi, I probably already did ask on that subject, still would appreciate the thoughts. Ok, imagine its far future, humanity in a space, however, the needs for armed forces still current. Now, by the common logic, there going to be basically two branches: Space Force, and Ground Force – planetary. I am looking currently in a dilemma of a seagoing navy. What status could be? What I mean, there two alternatives, at least for me: 1. Still, remained as it today even via uniforms and insignias. 2. Or, now it a branch of the ground forces. If we take first, it not really feasible due to similarity with Space Fleet (where in majority of Sci-Fi going along old naval lines, instead of air forces), and following confusion. If to take a second plan, there is a question: If the seagoing navy part of an army (ground forces) what uniforms and insignias would be in use?

Thanks for ur input, Zibster smilies-01 !
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Unread postby 60bill » Sun Sep 23, 2007 12:58 pm

I would think that it [one big if] nations did join forces they would stay with simple basic design for ease of recognition. See what Canada have done.
Uniforn land forces Brown/Green multitude of shades available. Navy trad Dark Blue and the Air Force would probably take over space retaining one colour uniform but diff branch insignia.
Trades throughout sevices could be backing colour to rank bars [Royal Navy stile] for example engineer corps red with a badge above strips to show trade within corps [like US naval offrs], Officers bars/strips gold/silver maybe like the French as a combined colour cuts down on the number of bars/strips needed and Other ranks could be red/green. I would have done some examples but I don't have a don't have a site to upload them onto for you to see.
Since most of the word's navy's - unlike the armies - tend to be similar I would think that any globel force would go in that direction to make amalgamatiom of diff forces easy.
Just my opinion hope it helps
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