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CORRECTIONS: United States Maritime Service

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CORRECTIONS: United States Maritime Service

Unread postby Robb Mavins » Wed Nov 12, 2003 11:48 am

In the interest of accuracy

Corrections/Enhancements to rank titles
The current rank insignia shown for the United States Maritime Service is from 1938-45 not the current time period. The original service was demoblized in 1954

In the enlisted insignia, the first set of “enlisted ranks” should be Petty Officer not Warrant Officer.

The specialty marks (or branch insignia for officers) that are shown are
Petty Officer 3rd class - Radio Electrician
Petty Officer 2nd class - Signalman
Petty Officer 1st class - Gunners Mate
Chief Petty Officer - Boatswains Mate
Chief Warrant Officer: - Electrician
Lieutenant junior grade – Jewish Chaplain
Lieutenant Commander – Christian Chaplain

Insignia changes/additions/ deletions
Warrant Officer: shows Radio Officer branch (i.e. the electrical bolt surrounded by a wreath) just to be correct there were no Warrant Radio Officers in the USMS because all those holding radio certificates were commissioned. There could be a Warrant Radio Electrician in which case his specialty mark would be the same as the Chief Warrant Officer - Electrician
Only a commissioned officer would have the wreath & bolt insignia

The rank of Ensign is missing – (Needs to be added, rank is missing)

Quick History This service was created in 1938 and was demobilized in 1954 at which time it continued to administer the US Merchant Marine Academy. No ratings (enlisted grades) existed from that time till today.

    1. The WWII branch of service insignia (& rank) is shown here and shows the commissioned branch insignia, & warrant branch insignia & the enlisted specialty marks.
    2. If more detail is needed I have scans of the 1942 National Geographic pages that I can post.
    3. Current ranks no longer use Commodore and no enlisted ranks are currently activated as per United States code, TITLE XIII_MARITIME EDUCATION AND TRAINING SEC. 1306. UNITED STATES MARITIME SERVICE (46 App. U.S.C. 1295e (2002)). The ranks, grades, and ratings for personnel of the United States Maritime Service shall be the same as are then prescribed for the personnel of the United States Coast Guard - I can scan a copy if needed.
    4. The history of the service and the fact that it was first created in 1938 and then demobilized in 1954 is here. This document also points out that it exists only today as a training service at the US Merchant Marine Academy and other Maritime Academies

Placement in the index
As a note, this service is a voluntary training service for the US Merchant Marine Service and should probably be where the Civil Air Patrol , USCG Auxillary are under Other Service ?

Robb Mavins, MBA,
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My interests are any Navy, Marine or Auxiliary Sea Service rank insignia or history.
Slightly anal retentive but at least I have a sense of humour about it
Robb Mavins
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Re: California Maritime Academy

Unread postby Luke2 » Fri Jul 19, 2013 11:16 pm

Uniformed Officers of the California Maritime Academy
President = Rear Admiral's rank insignia
Commanding Officer Training Ship = Captain
Professor, Department Chair, Chief Mate ... = Commander
Associate Professor, Second Mate ... = Lieutenant Commander
Assistant Professor, Watch Officer ... = Lieutenant
MVI-I, II, III, IV (unlicensed) [Marine Vocational Instructor] = CWO4

Source: ... upId=72269 page 46-47 with fuller description of which position rates which insignia'¨

The President of the Academy to the Right

The uniform seems to be the US Maritime Service's.
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