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Early Ukrainian insignia

Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines

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Early Ukrainian insignia

Unread postby Zdzislaw Rudzki » Sun Dec 22, 2002 6:20 pm

Hi all
Yesterday I bought a Russian book "Armies od Ukraine 1917 - 1920". It describes with details uniforms and insignia of various armed groups which existed in the Ukrainian territory in this period. Unfortunately there are anly few drawing of insignia. But there are decriptions of them and photographs of soldiers with insignia examples. I already had some Ukrainian insignia tables from this period in another book but without too much description which is which. Beacuse I'm not too good in computer graphics I hope someone could create insignia plates for the website based on the desriptions I will provide next days.
I will add descriptions as soon as I read (in Russian) and translate into English. I think I will have some problems with spelling of the individual rank names (in my book they are in original Ukrainian language - don't know how to transfer them phonetically into English).
Zdzislaw Rudzki
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Insignia from the early "Central Council" period

Unread postby Zdzislaw Rudzki » Mon Dec 23, 2002 12:12 am

After the February Revolution in the so called "Free Russia" on the territory of Ukraine there was established the Central Council in Kiev - kind of local goverment. The first Ukrainian troops (derived from the old Tsarist army) was the "Bohdan Chmielnicki" Brigade. But their uniform and insignia were in Russian pattern with the exception of "pagony" colours which were silver (for officers) and khaki (for soldiers) with dark blue (violet ?) piping and yellow number of unit (painted for soldiers and sewed for officers).
After the communist revolution in Russia the Ukrainian troops were in some way influenced by the communist propaganda - some of units were disbanded. In the units loyal to the Central Council (and taking part in the 1st Ukraine-Bolshevik war) the following rank insignia were prescribed (example - order from 17.01.1918 issued for the Kiev's cadets school):
" for the designation of rank of the Kossack on the outer side of an arm the chevrons should be sewed on, made from silver lace. The chevrons are pointed up, the length of the chevron "part" is 1 "viershok" (no idea in cm). The distance between chevrons is 1.5 cm.:
- royevoy - (command of team) - 1 chevron, 1 cm wide
- tchetovoy - 2 such chevrons
- buntchuznyy - 3 such chevrons (eq. of feldfebel in Russian army)
- chorunziy - 1 chevron with a loop "Nelson knot" like in a Navy
- sotnik - 1 chevron with a loop + 1 beneath
- kurennoy - 1 chevron with a loop + 2 beneath
- osaul - 1 chevron with a loop + 3 beneath
- polkovnik - 1 chevron 1,5 cm width made from golden lace with "zig-zag" pattern
- ataman brigady - 2 such chevrons
- ataman divizii - 3 such chevrons
- ataman korpusa - 1 such chevron with the loop
- ataman armii - 1 wide chevron with the loop + 1 wide chevron
- ataman fronta - 1 wide chevron with the loop + 2 wide chevrons"

More in the nearest future

In the meantime I wish all the Members and the Readers - Merry X-mass
Zdzislaw Rudzki
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