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Norwegian military ranks

Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines

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Norwegian military ranks

Unread postby Tore » Thu Feb 22, 2007 10:23 pm

In Norway we still have national military service for all men. The ranks are then usually private, but some gain the rank of corporal. This is a "plain" corporal. The first level of education is the "befal" school that educates sergeants. The pupils are corporals with an "S" in addition. After one year of duty service one is promoted to ensign (fenrik). During national service some are also educated as sergeants and serve for three months as sergeants. The "grenaders" are privates who are on contract with the armed forces for three years, and this can be renewed twice. They have insignia that tell how many years (1 to 3) they have served. These are appointed sergeants in wartime, but not while serving in Nato-forces abroad. In the Navy the "kvartermester" (quarters master) is the equivalent of a sergeant (not an officer in Norway) and the role of a petty officer is carried out by a lieutenant. The OR2 and OR3 level does not exist in Norway and the next level after OR5 is OF1.

The position of general or admiral (4-star) is held only by the King and the Chief of armed forces. The brigadier is not a general although the ranks in the army and air force could indicate that. The chief of air/army staff is a Major General (navy Rear Admiral), but the weapons inspector (e.g. chief of air operations, chief of artillery, chief of sub-marines) is a brigadier or commodore / commodore admiral.

Here is a link to the graphics of all Norwegian forces ranks (official forces web-site): ... 64973a.pdf
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