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Italian Social Republic (1943 - 1945) - GNR rank insignia

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Italian Social Republic (1943 - 1945) - GNR rank insignia

Unread postby Helios88 » Wed Aug 20, 2014 9:33 am

Hi everyone smilies-05

I present you all the rank insignia of the National Republican Guard.
The National Republican Guard (Italian: Guardia Nazionale Repubblicana, or GNR) was the force tasked with gendarmerie duties, as well as political police and counter-guerrilla warfare within the Italian Social Republic (or Repubblica Sociale Italiana) from 1943 to 1945.
This corps resulted from the merger of MVSN (the Kingdom of Italy fascist militia), the PAI (colonial police) and the Royal Carabinieri.
Rank insignia mirrored the rank insignia of the Royal Army before the Cassabile Armistice, albeit their shape was a merger between MVSN ranks and Army/Carabinieri one, especially for officers.

Ranks are translated in the following way:
Generale = General (three stars General)
Tenente Generale = Lieutenant General (two stars General, during WW2 Italian division commanders were styled "Lieutenant General")
Maggiore Generale = Major General (one star General)
Colonnello = Colonel
Tenente Colonnello = Lieutenant Colonel
Maggiore = Major
Capitano = Captain
Tenente = Lieutenant
Sottotenente = 2nd Lieutenant
Officer rank insignia were silver-braid cuff insignia, in a way similar to the Navy ranks.

Aiutante, Aiutante Capo and Primo Aiutante were the sub-officers, rather than Warrant Officers or NCOs. Their silver-on-black insignia were for shoulder board.

Eventually, NCOs and troops:
Brigadiere: Chief Sergeant
Vice Brigadiere: Sergeant
Milite Scelto: Private 1st class
Milite: Private
NCOs and Troops wore sleeve/arm insignia, with insignia embroided on the jacket upper arm.
Brigadiere and Vice Brigadiere were also Carabinieri ranks; while Brigadiere and Vice Brigadiere insignia were in silver braid, the Milite Scelto's insignia was red. The Milite rank wore no rank insignia.

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