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Unread postby Miklós Lovász » Mon Mar 09, 2009 10:57 am

Dear prospective user!

Before registering, please do read the following, so you would know what to expect.

This forum is intended for everybody interested in uniforms and rank insignia of any kind. It's open to everybody who wants to ask a pertinent question, float an idea or just have one's say in these topics.

IMPORTANT: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REGISTER TO READ THE POSTS! Registration is only required to write!

And now on to the FAQ's:

1. I can't register. Why?

For some reason, your address was banned. So drop a mail to and you'll get an answer.

2. I can't access at all the page. Why?

It may happen that you are using an already banned IP. Drop a mail and specify the IP you're using. To the best of our knowledge, this page is not banned in China or any other country in the world, so that can't be the reason.

3. I'm an insignia and/or uniform related bussiness. May I advertise?

Only in Marketplace/Looking to sell ... Otherwise, contact the Head Administrator, at and talk to him.

4. What may I NOT post about?

Just a few things:

- sex, porn, escort, sextoys

- casinos and gambling of any kind

- drugs

- loans

- warez and other illegal downloads (note: if you wish to mention a closely related torrent, feel free to do it - they are NOT illegal as long as they are related to the topic)

5. Are there any guidelines for posting?

Again, just a couple:

- Make sure what you write is what you want to say. We'll make allowance for the fact that many people don't speak the Queen's English but please consider that using abusive language will result in action - even if you didn't mean it.

- Make sure you present evidence (photos, links). Do not simply ask everybody to believe you just on your say so ... we won't.

- Be courteous. Listen to the others. Answer with arguments and use reason. And again: watch your language.

This is v.1.0. This post will be updated as necessary.
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