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GENERAL DISCUSSIONS (Rank comparison, translation issues etc)


This will contain informations which countries insignia pages are about to upgrade and which information is needed by editors

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Unread postby pothkan » Sun Feb 12, 2006 3:30 am

Hello, I'm new here (although browsing for some time) and, although it's obvious new people shouldn't set their rules - I want to make few (also critical) comments and proposals concerning the site.

1) Navigation is rather chaotic if you're new to whole site; e.g. why Romania was divided to three countries (Kingdom, Socialist & modern), Egypt into Kingdom & Republic, or Yugoslavia ever to pre- and post-1963 (although only name of state has changed then)? Another example: Afghanistan. It's obvious for me, that insignia were used only in 1987-1992 period (coat of arms from these years), but it is not stated anywhere, although it probably wouldn't be so obvious for many people. In my opinion, navigation tree should be definitely changed. If there is a will, I could try to make some general ideas.

2) Although is definitely the biggest site in this topic, but still has some lacks, especially in historical insignia. As I see, the unwritten rule here is to give only fully drawn insignia (only major exceptions I found are Legiony Polskie & Zwiazek Strzelecki). But may be this rule could be slightly broken... Here I have some suggestions:
- I don't know how many insignias are "in production", but probably some are. So may be you could put a blank sites on such topics with information that data for these insignia is owned, and they are in production. It would be an information, that data is not needed, and if somebody is desperately needing it, can ask for reference earlier.
- Sometimes specific insignia can be found elsewhere in web. Why not put links to such sites in adequate pages?
- When only text data is available (as e.g. in topic here about pre-1939 Albania), why not put at least that?
- Surely scans from e.g. Ospreys couldn't be put here, but there is a lot of old books, which definitely are out of copyright and scanned images from there can be put (with reference).

Finally, I want to say that I'd be happy to help here. Surely, I have no graphic talent and couldn't make such insignia images, as some wonderful are here, but I think that some of my stored data & scans could be helpful. Also, as some of post-Soviet republics here seems to have only English names of ranks, I have native names for some of them (e.g. Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan). I'd prefer e-mail contact (better for attachments), so feel free to write at my address. I speak English, but surely Polish 'd be better, and I see that some my compatriots are active here.



Unread postby Pavel Močoch » Sun Feb 12, 2006 9:32 am

prosze napisac na email i na, mozeme pogadac.
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