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GENERAL DISCUSSIONS (Rank comparison, translation issues etc)

Adding Another New Category

This will contain informations which countries insignia pages are about to upgrade and which information is needed by editors

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Adding Another New Category

Unread postby Chuck Anderson » Fri May 26, 2006 12:21 am

Hi Everybody!
Chuck Anderson here!!

I think that it would be real nice if we could have a new category added to the Forum, whereby we could maintain rank insignia information for nations where we have only a little bit of information.

As with the other nations on our website, we'd have the nation's flag, and once you click-on the flag, we'd have the information we have so far on that particular nation. This information could be in the form of either colour illustrations or perhaps a short written statement consisting of what we know about the nation's rank insignia so far.

We should have this new category because anyone who wanted to research a country's rank insignia would at least now have some basic information to start with, they'd have something to go on.
The added benefit would be that people wouldn't have to keep finding the same information over and over, that someone else had already found previously.

For example, the entries could have the nation's flag and name (as it is done now), and the information could take a form like this:

What we know about San Marino's military rank insignia is that its very similar to those of the Italian Army.

What we know about the rank insignia of Costa Rica's Fuerza Publica is gleaned from a photo showing a Captain, who has three bars, a pattern much used in many Central American nations, so perhaps the rest of their rank insignia follows the Central American pattern as well.

You see, while this in itself isn't a great amount of information, it at least gives a person something to go on in their research to find the rest of a nations insignia. I think that it's worth a try, and at least our website will at least have provided people with a starting point!!

I'm not sure what we could call this new category, but I have a few suggestions:

(1) Nations Ranks Being Researched
(2) Ranks In Progress
(3) Further Information Needed

This would be a good new Forum category for us to have, for it would actively encourage people to look around in many other sources for information we need to "fill in the blanks"!! See ya'!

Chuck Anderson
I'm NOT a Civilian.....I'm A VETERAN!!!!
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Chuck Anderson
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Unread postby ChrisWI » Fri May 26, 2006 1:10 am

I like the idea Chuck!
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Unread postby Zdzislaw Rudzki » Fri May 26, 2006 9:02 am

I agree with this idea in general, however I think there are some issues ...
I was just about to add under each general category (being continent names) the subcategory named for example "Under research" but then I had few thoughts:
1. All members posting under such subcategory must maintain high discipline. In today's forum there is a lot of information which is doubled under few topics. A lot of topics drifts from main theme to some discussion ...
2. All of us have a lot of information which is not published on the website nor on the forum (simply because for example lack of time to create drawings etc). So maybe it will be good to create a separate "branch" of the forum or website being a database containing just information about which insignia for each country is known by somebody and which information is needed. Of course the first person who have to fill such database is Pavel - no one knows how many information he posses which is not yet put on a website. :)
Zdzislaw Rudzki
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Unread postby orke » Sat May 27, 2006 9:07 pm

Hello Chuck and Zdzislaw

I find the idea very good. But I believe that she will not function. And it will give Diskusionen. It must give. If to a country, we call it
Empire of XY, a picture appear, there are other pictures to the same topic.

That means:

I find a picture over this country in a German book. Dated on the year 1900. It shows a general in dress uniform. Chuck finds a picture to the same topic in an American book and Zdzislaw in a Polish book. But all pictures differ. Who is right? I believe we this will discuss fully.

A practical example: Romania 1944 on the pictures side.

1. Variant: Officers with golden bars.
2. Variante with silver bars.

I now know both variants from three different books. Knötel „ Uniformkunde“ , Soukop „ Der Landser“ , McDonnell „ Badges of WWII“

What is correct?

But we need an idea to the clarity! And Chuck made the beginning with its idea. A very good beginning. Perhaps everyone should work only under a keyword. As Chuck said under the country names. Perhaps others have also still ideas in addition.

Many greetings Mario

Unread postby Miklós Lovász » Tue Jun 06, 2006 5:16 pm

orke wrote:A practical example: Romania 1944 on the pictures side.

1. Variant: Officers with golden bars.
2. Variante with silver bars.

I now know both variants from three different books. Knötel „ Uniformkunde“ , Soukop „ Der Landser“ , McDonnell „ Badges of WWII“

What is correct?

Sorry for that, I had simply not have time to send a msg with the corrections. The right one is with gold bars. Promise, I'll look up the insignia and send the corrections to Pavel.

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Miklós Lovász
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Unread postby orke » Wed Jun 07, 2006 10:53 am

Hi Miklós

It is my debt that the wrong badges of rank are now shown.:oops:

As said:Many specialized books, many variants.

:lol: Fortunately it gives to help enough members those can.

greetings Mario

Unread postby orke » Wed Aug 09, 2006 9:41 pm

Hello friends

I believe I a solution found.If I regard the forum sides, falls me on that many topics only one post office contained.This takes place away.The same with birthday and New Year greetings.But one can use the Private Message.Then we have five main categories (the continents).These are split also in six or seven categories.But altogether became for each continent three or four are enough.
My suggestion became reads for the forum:

EUROPE(America,Asia...)- rankinsignias
EUROPE - uniforms
EUROPE - badges, medals and military symbols
EUROPE - inquiries and short informations

In the first three categories our members put their contributions and also pictures purely.This naturally with the national name in addition.

For example: Poland / Navy 1936-1939 ( as topics )
The other members can supplement then this topic.If questions should come now to the first three categories, the members use the fourth category.

For example: Question to Poland Navy 1936-1939
This question is answered by the members as information in Poland Navy 1936-1939.Not in category four!
If the answer for the member should be sufficient, the member is to then delete its question from category four again.Here give it in addition, the possibility to the monitoring and the question after a certain time automatically one deletes.So that occur no duplication of topics, each member should on it respects the topic search to use.

For example:A member would like to bring a picture series over the Polish navy in
the WW2.It goes on Topics searches ,a "Poland" gives.

As result comes: Poland Army WW2
Poland Navy 1936-1939
Poland Army 1990

The member has now the choice.It takes "Poland Navy 1936-1939" or it puts on a new Topic.Naturally after the given guidelines.Thus : "Poland Navy WW2"

The general and administrator categories should remain.The general discussions under "others" in Top topic rename.
Into the Top Topics are such contributions like Greek history or history that Swiss army.These should be supplemented also only by these members.

See Valtrex and Npittet.Thank you for it, very good work.

If questions should give to this Top Topics, these are to be placed under keyword in this category and not be placed directly into the current topic!The questions are then deleted again after a certain time.If the possibility is given should one these however over the
privately measuringclose place.

Your ideas :!: , Chuck and Zdzislaw, inspired me to this solution.Perhaps it is not yet perfect.But can perhaps you still supplement.At the end then Pavel must naturally decide.
I hope it can my English understand. :oops:

Greeting, Mario :lol:

Unread postby Laurence Strong » Wed Oct 25, 2006 11:30 pm

Hello all

I am new here, and if I could convince the administators to give me a little corner of North America I would gladly post my Canadian uniform ranks and accourtements, both past and present if you are interested.
Laurence Strong
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