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GENERAL DISCUSSIONS (Rank comparison, translation issues etc)

Confused about status of Maistru Militar - Romanian Army

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Confused about status of Maistru Militar - Romanian Army

Unread postby LONDON » Tue Jan 02, 2007 2:45 pm

The English translation given on Uniformi Insignia and on the Romanian Armed forces website for these technical ranks is Warrant Officer. However unlike most armies where WOs outrank NCOs, the WO ranks appear to have NCO equivalents as described in the NATO report below:

Chief Warrant Officer - Sergeant Major
Warrant Officer 1st Class - Master Sergeant
Warrant Officer 2nd Class - Sergeant 1st Class
Warrant Officer 3rd Class - Staff Sergeant
Warrant Officer 4th Class - Junior Staff Sergeant
Warrant Officer 5th Class - Sergeant

Is it therefore accurate to describe Maistru Militar as Warrant Officers?
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Maistru militar

Unread postby Miklós Lovász » Tue Jan 02, 2007 4:12 pm

Well, no. Not at all. Basically this is a mistranslation that originates from somebody in the MoD who didn't have a clue. The rank of maistru militar cl. V and sergent are equal, and so are those of other classes. The point of origin for these ranks lies with the creation of the Royal Romanian Air Force, back in 1920, when it was decided to create "military foremen" instead of sergeants, etc, given the technical background and duties of these people. The system was extended after '48, so that nco's with technical duties (and no command duties) were appointed "maistru militar", while nco's with command duties were appointed sergeants etc. So, a "maistru militar" would be a technical nco, equal with any other nco (sergeant upwards).
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