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US MILITARY Patches Regulations

Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines

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US MILITARY Patches Regulations

Unread postby R2X » Sat Nov 18, 2006 2:05 am

I'm trying to find out what the patches on US navy, air force and army uniforms(bdu/service/flight suite et cetera)
(I don't think marines wear patches?) on their shoulders and on the left/right of their chests mean/stand for.

I got that in the US army the left patch is for a major army unit your in (now) and the right is for"Those soldiers who are combat veterans are authorized permanent wear of their SSI on their right shoulder. This shoulder sleeve insignia recognizes "former wartime service" and is frequently called a "combat patch".

So what unit patch is wearn on the chest (I have only seen chest patches on flights suites for army navy and air forces. Is it a squadron, group or wing patch? I have also seen them on the TV show Stargate:SG1 ex: ... merson.jpg
the characters are in the US air force)
does the army rules apply to the air force or not
is there patches for the navy(I have seen naval personal wearing patches on work uniforms
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Unread postby msgb545 » Sun Dec 31, 2006 3:52 pm


The US Army's use of SSI (shoulder sleeve insignia) is as you stated in your post- the left sleeve is current unit of assignment, while the right sleeve denotes unit of wartime service. These are worn on the field uniform (BDU, DCU, ACU), flight suits, and the class A (green) uniform jacket. SSI denote a Corps or Command that the soldier is assigned to- these could be Brigade or Division level maneuver units; proponents schools; theatre commands; etc...... Unit patches on the chest of the flightsuit are representative of the battalion, brigade, etc..... of assignment and are unofficial.

The USMC do not wear SSI indicating unit of assignment, though there are patches for each of the Marine Divisions. This is from World War II when some of the Corps wore unit patches. The USN is similar in that they do not have specific unit patches. Any patches seen on the class A uniform jacket sleeves denote rank and time in service (both enlisted only).

The USAF enlisted personnel wear rank chevrons on their sleeves of both field/utility uniforms and class A uniform jackets. I have seen enlisted USAF personnel wearing Army unit SSI on utility uniforms- this is probably an unofficial practice. I know that my last unit in Afghanistan was a Coalition/Joint forces unit. None of our USAF personnel chose to wear Army SSI, I understand that personnel deployed w/ Army units have been "awarded" the unit SSI "combat patch". USAF patches on the breast pockets denote the command (unit) of assignment of the individual. Unit patches (squadron, wing, etc....) worn on the flight suit identify immediate unit of assignment.

I trust what I've shared is mostly accurate and I hope it helps.

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Unread postby Laurence Strong » Tue Apr 17, 2007 2:14 pm

What is this patch?

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