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Chest cockades

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Chest cockades

Unread postby Toushu » Mon Feb 04, 2013 12:25 am

I was just watching some WWII-period programming, and I started to think "were the Germans the only ones to wear national insignia on the chest of their uniforms?"
So... Were they?
As in using a cockade or anything normally used as a cap badge as a pin or badge worn on the breast of the uniform. Or vice-versa.

Many sci-fi franchises use this to make caps and other headwear obsolete (to make wardrobe budgets smaller).
So I'm wondering, how many other countries besides 3rd Reich used insignia on the chest (unique or identical to a cap insignia) as standard issue or for special occasions, and would that practice really make caps an obsolete/superfluous feature?

Of course I understand that there's some history with the German side of the practice, ie the double cockades.

This subject does not include pilot wings, qualification insignia or special unit insignia (i.e. finnish combat divers and border jägers), but standard national insignia.
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