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US Space Force

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Re: US Space Force

Unread postby Medic_in_Uniform » Mon Sep 07, 2020 1:38 am

I'm still not sure either way about navy vs. army / airforce ranks for the USSF. In a way, I don't think it matters and what will be, will be...

Having said that, dcfowler's comments have made me go back and take another look at some design concepts I stopped working on quite a while ago.

It seems clear that black and "platinum" (likely hyperbole for aluminium thread "bullion" but it sounds good...!) are where the main color preferences lie for the new service's visual identity, with a little blue from the seal as the the lesser accent color.

I have therefore looked again at naval type uniforms and insignia and I have re-worked my abandoned concepts, along with updated versions of my designs from previous posts to come up with what I think is a very workable and fully structured approach to a series of uniforms for the USSF.

The new cap devices include a US eagle; using the Delta and Globe symbol on its own just had no obvious National symbolism, which seemed wrong. I did try using the silver version of the US Arms, as used by the USAF, but that didn't look right on a more Navy-type uniform so this was the compromise -- and it gives the USSF its own distinctive badge.

The main service dress is black, with "platinum" as the main metal color for insignia. I have tried to incorporate elements of design from several established military and naval precedents in order to create something that is traditional, smart and realistic rather than veering towards Sci-Fi and fantasy. These uniforms have to work and look "right" alongside those of the US Army, USN, USAF, USCG and so on.

I am conscious that I have not included variants pf any of these uniforms for female service members. This is, I feel, a glaring omission but I have really spent way too much time on this already and I would hope that the male versions will at least give a general idea of how the uniforms could look. Nevertheless, I acknowledge this lack and apologise for it. smilies-08

For the Enlisted members' insignia, I have taken my previous concept and reduced the more Army- or USAF-like number of chevrons and re-modelled the sequence to give a more naval appearance. I did have a version that included an eagle perched on the upper inverted chevron but it looked just too cluttered and lost some of the sleek styling of these insignia. In lieu of Navy-type specialty marks, I have used the Pole Star element from the USSF seal for the center of the CPO insignia. It seems unlikely that there will be a SEAC from the USSF any time soon but I have included that variation simply for completeness. The exact grade titles for enlisted members are obviously open to debate so, for now, I have largely transitioned to existing naval ranks, with the more generic titles from my previous versions for E-1 to E-4.

Some of the enlisted insignia include white elements for contrast and detailing when worn at full size but the designs are such that the insignia can also be worn in monochrome, subdued colors, or miniature metal versions and should still remain identifiable. They are not dependent upon color for grade recognition.

Click on the images for large, high resolution versions.

Service Dress Black:

US Space Force Service Dress Black.png

US Space Force Officer Black.png

US Space Force Enlisted Black.png

US Space Force Soft Shoulder Marks.png

The USN has their khaki uniforms alongside formal blue uniforms and the US Army is just re-introducing a version of the old "pinks and greens" alongside their own formal blue uniforms, so it seemed reasonable to include a more "working dress" variant for the USAF. I imagine this will be day-to day office wear or perhaps an intermediate formal wear on bases than just combat utility uniforms. It could also be a more formal variant for warmer weather if made in a lighter fabric.

I anticipate accessory items like a black sweater and a black windbreaker jacket with epaulette shoulder straps for occasions when the uniform coat is not required -- and these would be worn with the soft shoulder marks shown above. (Sweater and/or windbreaker could also be authorised with the black uniform for non-formal accessions, as could a black version of the garrison cap, although I have not shown this).

If the black formal dress looks not unlike the old USAF black uniform from previous posts, and the Army is re-introducing "pinks and green,s" then perhaps it is no surprise that this uniform is not entirely dissimilar to the USN gray uniforms of WW2.

Service Dress Gray:

US Space Force Service Dress Gray.png

US Space Force Officer Gray.png

US Space Force Enlisted Gray.png

Combat utility uniforms we have already seen so I figured the remaining uniforms designs for now should be the interesting ones that include various bits of detailing.

The next up is temperate formal evening wear -- not something that will get a huge amount of use, I admit, but all the services have them and I’m sure USSF members will want to look good at events alongside the Army, Navy, USAF and definitely won’t want to be out-done by the USMC...! smilies-23

All-black looked very severe and not a little bland, so adding just a little bit of distinctive detail from the blue of the USSF Seal (and a nod to USAF heritage) seemed appropriate and, again, helps to give the USSF a very distinctive look of their own. I have used peaked lapels for officers and shawl collars for enlisted but a more egalitarian approach could use the same for both groups — I would suggest the peak lapel, even though USAF heritage would be to use the shawl collar, this is because the peak lapel echoes the shape of the Delta symbol.

Dinner Dress Black:

US Space Force Dinner Dress Black.png

Finally, I wondered about a proper ceremonial Full Dress uniform. Given that Service Dress Black will cover most eventualities, I see this not as something that will be worn very regularly but more as a proper, very smart, formal uniform for ceremonial occasions -- which is where the Army now seems to be positioning its blue uniforms. This is my attempt at something much better looking than the very odd variation on the Band uniform that the USAF came up with for the CSAF and the CMSAF a few years back. I imagine that very few of these uniforms would be personal issue and, more realistically, they would be held as a small central stock, to be used as required for formal ceremonial events.

I admit that using the stand-up closed collar is my one nod towards a more Sci-Fi look, but the design is very much from the style of the USMC blue uniforms, the USN white uniforms and several contemporary British formal uniforms. The use of special hard shoulder marks which have the more standard officer insignia may seem a bit unusual. Yes, the uniform looks OK without them but the addition of shoulder boards for officers (and shoulder straps for enlisted members) certainly notches up the formality of the uniform. It's also another a nod to the USAF heritage as these are, essentially the USAF formal shoulder boards, albeit with the more "naval" type arrangement for the flag officer insignia. There are, and certainly have been, other uniforms which have also used the usual officer insignia alongside sleeve lace so this is not all that unusual.

Full Dress Black:

US Space Force Full Dress Black.png

US Space Force Officer Full Dress.png

Finally, a word about Warrant Officers. I have no idea if the USSF will ultimately choose to activate the W-1 to W-5 grades but I guess there is at least the possibility that they will assimilate members in those grades from other services -- and it also seems that, given the nature of its role, this will be a service rather heavy on technical experts. I have therefore chosen to at least include options should they choose to use these grades. The Army has "upgraded" the uniforms for its own Warrant Officers, adding oak leaves to visor peaks for senior gates and essentially putting all WOs into standard officer uniform, complete with relevant branch detailing. That being the case, I have here also put the potential USSF WOs into standard officer uniforms.

For their insignia, I have used USN/USMC pattern with black enamel in place of blue or red. Rather than using the USN pattern of sleeve lace, I have tried to create something that works alongside the other officer insignia but is unique to the USSF. WOs therefore have essentially officer-pattern lace that looks a bit like the lace for Lieutenant Junior Grade but the 1/4 in. upper stripe is silver and the 1/2 in. stripe below is black lace, with an embroidered version of the rank bar placed centrally below the Delta and Globe emblem. This is the same for all grades and it is the gold or silver bar that differentiates them. The only exception is CW5 which adds another 1/4 in. silver lace stripe below the black one.

I have notionally allocated a senior officer decorated visor to CW5; it seemed difficult to include CW4 / CW3 if, following naval pattern, the O-4 Lieutenant Commander grade doesn't qualify (even though other equivalent "field grade" Majors in other services do get visor decoration!). This is obviously open to debate...! If it was felt appropriate to extend this to, say, CW4 then that grade should also add the second 1/4 in. silver stripe below the black lace with the rank bar. The entire pattern is carried over to the hard shoulder marks in just the same way as for all other officers. The central positioning of the rank bars on the soft shoulder marks is also deliberate way of giving the WO grades their own identity.

Please do let me know what you think. As ever, this is very much a hypothetical concept and it is very much open to discussion!

I doubt anyone from the DoD or USSF HQ is watching but if you do happen to be from the Office of the Chief of Space Operations and you would like to borrow these and pass them to General Raymond then please feel free!

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Re: US Space Force

Unread postby dcfowler » Thu Sep 24, 2020 3:38 am

Even if rank insignia and titles remain a question mark for awhile, we should see the general gist of the uniform concept shortly.

They announced that they will will begin test wearing at various bases soon to get feedback.
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Re: US Space Force

Unread postby Medic_in_Uniform » Thu Sep 24, 2020 10:49 am

Sounds fair. They need to be able to start making progress with this.

I’m sure that it’s not their biggest most important issue (they do have uniforms that are functional and serviceable for now) but it must be very frustrating for them not to be able to move forward, perhaps more so if there’s a lot of background white noise about rank titles / rank marks / uniforms (and so on) which is a continuous distraction from other organizational and operational issues that are more immediately important.

I can fully understand why Chief Towberman said words to the effect of “look, if Congress says I have to be MCPO instead of CMSgt then fine, whatever — lets just get on with it!”
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