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Fascist Italy after World War 2

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Fascist Italy after World War 2

Unread postby Helios88 » Tue Apr 09, 2013 9:21 pm

Many authors of science fiction and/or alternate history have guessed a world with a standing Nazi Germany. For what regards rank insignia, we have a solid example about possible future Nazi ranks with the GDR rank insignia, although I think that some facing colours would have not changed.
However, I wonder what genre of ranks an hypothetical Kingdom of Italy which was not involved in World War 2 would have had, or even an hypothetical surviving Italian Social Republic which seized the power against the King.
Therefore, I propose a topic in the wake of those of Chuck Anderson: I guess that map is not necessary (I really hope everyone knows where is Italy), but I provide two useful it.wikipedia pages about military rank insignia of both Kingdom of Italy and Italian Social Republic.
Even if one doesn't know Italian, dates are provided and images are quite explicative.

If you need some explaination, please ask and I'll answer as precisely as I can. :)

Italian Royal Army rank insignia:
Insignia are shown by date and by category:
1) General officers
2) Field officers
3) Company/Junior officers
4) NCOs and enlisted

Italian military insignia 1933 - 1945: ... d%27Italia
All officers wear cuff insignia, NCOs (maresciallo and derivates) wear shoulder insignia, enlisted sleeve insignia.

Italian Social Republic rank insignia 1943 - 1945: ... e_Italiana
National Republican Army officers wear shoulder rank insignia, while all other officers wear cuff insignia; NCOs (maresciallo and derivates) wear shoulder insignia, enlisted sleeve insignia.
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