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SECCESSIONIST Nations (Map and Flag---CORSICA)

Dealing primarily with contemporary and historical Earth nations. (Science-fiction oriented rank systems, such as Star Trek, Starship Troopers, etc.), should be placed in FICTIVE Rank Insignia.

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SECCESSIONIST Nations (Map and Flag---CORSICA)

Unread postby Chuck Anderson » Tue Apr 09, 2013 10:17 pm

Hi Everyone!

Presented here are maps of Corsica, and the flag of the movement seeking independence for Corsica.

Would the insignia of rank of the armed forces of Corsica reflect French influence, or would they appear altogether different?

Insignia of rank charts would best demonstrate your ideas.

Chuck Anderson
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Re: SECCESSIONIST Nations (Map and Flag---CORSICA)

Unread postby Helios88 » Tue Apr 09, 2013 11:34 pm

I think that Corsican military ranks would show a net difference from French ones, but I also think Corsican leaders would carefully avoid any resemblance with Italian ranks, too.
Maybe Corsican rank insignia would be a sort of compromise, chosing a German-looking officer rank set, which is based on Italia/Spanish rank system*, while for enlisted ranks a Corsican army may show an US-based system.
Elements employed may be the Corsican (and Sardinian) symbol, the Maure, as well as a six-pointed star, or a sort of pip. For NCOs and enlisted personnel, chevrons would be "perfect".
I'll try to draw such a rank chart.

* The system I name "Italian/Spanish", after officer insignia system used by the Italian Army through its history, is simply the system which uses the same element repeated 1 to 3 times (for example a star) from 2nd Lieutenant to Captain and again for field officers adding another element which is considered as being equal to the captain value (for example Italian field officers have a Corona turrita, which adds a value of 3 to the basic element - a star again: so an insignia showing a Corona turrita and three stars is 6 (3+3), and it is worn by a Colonel).
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