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commonwealth governor uniforms

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commonwealth governor uniforms

Unread postby marcpasquin » Tue May 12, 2015 2:08 am

both Canada and Australia (and perhaps other I can't find) have military uniforms and/or insignias to be worn by their governor-general in their capacity as de jure commander in chief of the armed forces.

The Governor/lieutenant governor however do not/ Obviously, this comes from the fact that unlike the federal counterpart, they have no official place within the army hierarchy though they are often present in some capacity in state/provincial unit's functions to lend their royal patronage.

It occurs to me though that many state/provinces have organisation that depend solely from their level of government like, say, the New south wales state emergency services or the Ontario Provincial Police and that having some all purpose badge could be use during function to represent their patronage of said organisation. In canada there is currently a badge used by the Lieutenant governors but it is the same for all 10 and while the COA would seem a good choice, those (by themselves or in a wreath) are used by the respective Aide-de-camps so something else would have to be chosen.

Another thing is that although the governors/lieutenant-governors have the windsor uniform, it is rarely worn these days probably as it look overly anachronistic. Judith Guichon and Iona Campagnolo of British Columbia both tried to modernise it a bit but I feel more could be done, maybe using local symbols, colours or clothes to make it look a bit more relevant.

No idea yet on my part but just thought I'd share until I come u with something. feel free to contribute.
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Re: commonwealth governor uniforms

Unread postby trbaldwin » Tue May 12, 2015 2:49 am


Unlike Canada it is only the Army that has specific Insignia for the Governor General and the State Governors, the RAAF and RAN has not followed suit & Iis only worn by a memeber who is former Army at this point,

Instead the RAAF and RAN will apoint them as HON AIRCDRE or HON CDRE

When Dame Quentin Bryce, was givernor of QLD she was HON AIRCDR of 23 (City of Brisbane) Squadron and wore AIRCDRE Insingia, same with Dame Bashier has won HON CDRE Inignia in NSW

Talking to one of the ADC to the NSW Governor,
One of the Initnal concepts was that if a Governor was only a 2 or 3 Star in the Army then they would watre the Special Insingia and if they were 4 Star like GEN Hurley would contiue to ware there own Insingia, however that may have been rethought

Also the NSWPOL is the only "Civilian" Force to create Special Insignia so far, expect it to appear on this website soon, however all the insignia is the State Badge and Crown much like on the Governors Flag of NSW on standard NSW Police Uniform
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