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UK Royal Space Force

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UK Royal Space Force

Unread postby Lord Cybran » Wed Apr 28, 2021 10:39 pm

Hello all,

As everyone here knows, the US have established a Space Force, which uses ranks that are loosely based on USAF's.

My bet is that the United Kingdom, the main political and military ally of the US, is the next country to implement a Space Force, and that it will have ranks which are similar to RAF's.

The Royal Space Force (RSF) I'm envisioning here has ranks which are strongly based on current RAF's, replacing "Air" and "Aircraft" with "Space".


E-1 - Spaceman
E-2 - Leading Spaceman
E-3 - Senior Spaceman
E-3 - Senior Spaceman (Technician)
E-4 - Lance Corporal
E-5 - Corporal
E-6 - Sergeant
E-6 - Chief Technician
E-6 - Sergeant Spacecrew
E-7 - Flight Sergeant
E-7 - Flight Sergeant Spacecrew
E-8 - Warrant Officer
E-8 - Master Spacecrew


O-1 - Pilot Officer
O-2 - Flying Officer
O-3 - Flight Lieutenant
O-4 - Squadron Leader
O-5 - Wing Commander
O-6 - Group Captain
O-7 - Space Commodore
O-8 - Space Vice-Marshal
O-9 - Space Marshal
O-10 - Space Chief Marshal
O-11 - Marshal of the Space Force

I still couldn't come up with an insignia chart. I'm open to ideas.

At first, I thought about using basically the same chart as RAF's with only changing some colors (dark grey background for everyone; silver foreground for enlisted; officer stripes light blue in the edges and silver in the middle). But then I realized this wouldn't work perfectly, as RAF's junior enlisted badges are propellers with 2 or 3 blades (according to rank), and spacecraft never used propellers...

The only thing I could get into my head right now is using diagonal stripes for E-2 and E-3 (1 for E-2 and 2 for E-3, with E-3 Technician having an arrowhead on top of the stripes), and for E-6 Chief Technician replacing the propeller with an arrowhead.
Lord Cybran
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Re: UK Royal Space Force

Unread postby Lord Cybran » Thu Apr 29, 2021 2:44 am

Okay guys, first rank chart, based on first post.
UK RSF insignia.png
Lord Cybran
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